For the woman who's tired of being dismissed by her doctor and refuses to accept living life limited by symptoms

From Gaslit to Resilient:

how to break free of symptoms and reclaim your health

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If you are:

  • Fighting to stay awake in the middle of the afternoon… and can’t fall asleep at bedtime
  • Waking up between 1 am and 3 am 
  • Can’t be bothered to actually get up when the alarm goes off at 6:30 a.m.

Perhaps you’re:

  • Noticing you tend to “pay for it” when you push yourself too hard
  • Feeling like you don’t recognize your body anymore and it just doesn't respond like it used to
  • Having headaches more frequently (and intensely) than you have before

Or maybe you’re dealing with:

  • UTI symptoms… for the first time ever
  • Not wanting to eat because you don’t feel hungry
  • Feeling bloated and uncomfortable for hours after eating
  • Exercising more and eating less while seeing your midsection get bigger
  • Struggling to button your loosest pair of jeans (and actively avoiding certain clothes because they make you feel fat)
Brandy Searcy sitting outside in a chair wearing a cozy sweater

I've been there

Hi, I'm Brandy Searcy, a pharmaceutical research scientist and health advocate.

For me, I literally (overnight) woke up to a brand new set of symptoms I’d never experienced before… migraines, chronic fatigue, weight gain, and (worst of all) chronic UTI symptoms

My appetite tanked!

30 minutes of basic yoga left me inflamed and fighting off a migraine the next day

I was too busy struggling with the most intense problem (urinary urgency) to be able to focus on all the other things that had me worried.

Doctors were dismissing me, scratching their heads with the reply “your lab work looks fine there’s nothing we can do."

In my bones, I knew something was off, but I had nothing to point to that proved that feeling until this happened... a thing that never would've been linked back to my symptoms by traditional Western medicine

I had a cycle consistent with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)

My at-home fertility monitor alerted me to that abnormal cycle and for the first time ever, I held in my hand evidence of a hormone imbalance

This was the missing link I’d been searching for to figure out how to deal with my health crisis

One of the big reasons why women experience PCOS is because insulin (the hormone that makes it possible to handle sugar (carbs) in a healthy way) is imbalanced

Within 1 week (yes, you read that right, 7 days) of seeing PCOS show up in my cycle, I’d fixed the UTI symptoms and something else happened too…

My migraines became less frequent.

The exercise intolerance went away.

The chronic fatigue cleared.

I was so excited about this breakthrough that I wrote an article for the online journal Hormones Matter.

A few weeks later, somebody reached out to me thrilled with the relief she got by addressing one tiny piece of the bigger picture, here’s what Marisa said:

"I have had more energy, fewer sugar cravings, cramps that were much more manageable and tolerable, and absolutely zero UTIs. I feel like my body is my own again, and I feel empowered to share my experience with PCOS and chronic UTIs with other people who are suffering and having their symptoms overlooked by doctors."

- Marisa (New Jersey)

Hormones Matter does insulin influence UTIs?

Putting together the rest of the puzzle

Relief from migraines, fatigue, and UTI symptoms was exhilarating! 

But, my pants? They were still tight. 

It’d take another discovery a few months later for the extra inches to fall away, and still I knew I was onto something. A breakthrough in the way we see our bodies

As advanced as Western medicine is, it has three major limitations...

1. Blood tests aren't able to reveal subtle imbalances associated with symptoms before those symptoms advance to disease

2. Those blood tests give limited insight into what's really going on inside your body, it's kind of like going outside once a day at night, you'd assume it was always dark

3. Western medicine teaches that your body is composed of individual systems separate from each other, so what's going on in your ovaries has nothing to do with your thyroid or your liver or your heart.

The truth is, your body is holistic, crafted by Divine intelligence. Every cell within your being is in constant communication with the rest of you, and your body speaks in the language of hormones. 

These hormones tether you to your environment responding to subtle changes in light, shifting based on when and what you eat, reacting to stressors,... 

  • the physical
  • the mental
  • and the emotional ones

Your hormones are at all times working together to put your well being first.

In today's world, it's easy for hormones to get thrown off balance. Here's a short list of those ways:

  • stress: stress depletes the adrenal gland's ability to release cortisol in a regular rhythm, and balanced cortisol (not too high or too low) is essential to health
  • lack of essential nutrients: most of us are malnourished without realizing it, which impairs the body's ability to make hormones
  • infection: low grade infection and chronic infection (mold toxins, latent viruses) interfere with the body's ability to make hormones
  • lack of natural light: healthy cortisol patterns follow the rise and set of the sun. Most of us don't get enough natural light to keep these patterns balanced.
  • gut dysbiosis: your gut microbiome supports hormone balance because beneficial strains support digestion ensuring you receive nutrients from the food you eat
  • exposure to endocrine disruptors: ranging from hormonal birth control to overexposure to blue light late in the day, endocrine disruptors impact your body's ability to self-regulate by altering hormone expression
  • natural changes in hormone balance, especially perimenopause: many of us have been living so close to the cliff between health & dis-ease that when we lose the buffering effects of estrogen and progesterone during that perimenopause/menopause transition, we fall, hard!

When hormones get thrown off balance, symptoms pop up, and this typically happens well before an actual disease can be diagnosed.

When we walk into our doctor’s (and naturopath’s) office with those symptoms, we’re met with excuses like these:

  • You’re at an age where you just have to accept the extra weight
  • All your lab work and imaging looks good
  • Your standard urine culture’s negative, you may want to try some cranberry juice and mannose to manage these UTI symptoms
  • Be sure you’re wiping from front to back
  • My best guess is you need some support with progesterone, here’s some vitex berry tea
  • Let’s try these herbs to see if they help 
  • Let’s try some melatonin to help you sleep

The problem with every single one of those statements is they’re focused on managing symptoms and guessing, guessing at the underlying cause.

Not one of these statements takes into account how the body works, how hormones interplay with each other, or the fundamental issue we’re dealing with when symptoms show up… our body’s been thrown off balance.

There’s a hormonal upheaval and redistribution of power going on inside us.

To reclaim our health, we have to support our body's ability to create a balanced hormonal state.

And, this is much easier than it sounds...


From Gaslit to Resilient:

6 weeks to break free of symptoms and reclaim your health

How does it work? In this live program, we'll walk through:

  • how your body uses hormones to support health and balance

  • why the body suddenly (seemingly overnight) goes out of balance

  • what to do to flip the script and reclaim wellness whether you've been living with these symptoms for months or for ages

You'll discover:

  • How to support your hormones for better sleep
  • What nutrients are necessary to support your energy levels
  • How to exercise to avoid exercise fatigue
  • How to eat and exercise to support a toned body 
  • How to deal with estrogen dominance (and is this really even a thing?)
  • How to eat to deal with low appetite and bloat
  • How to break free of frequent headaches (even migraines)

This is health revealed. You’ll walk away from this program with a newfound understanding of your body. For the first time ever, it won’t feel like a mind-tease puzzle you’re desperately trying to solve.

Instead, you’ll walk away knowing more than most health practitioners about how your body really works, and this is the key to flipping the script, the key to reclaiming control and autonomy over your own health perhaps for the first time in your life. 

This is how you move from the dark ages of living at the whim of a system focused on symptom management, into a new day as:

  • a woman fluent in your body’s native language
  • a woman who chooses to take intentional action to support your body in finding balance
  • a woman who’s shaken off the shackles of a broken system and stepped into your power as guardian of your own health

What’s waiting for you inside?

6 weeks of live sessions (we meet 2 times a week for an hour each time) where we’ll cover:

  • The hormone lattice | how do hormone’s influence each other and why does hormone imbalance cause unexplained symptoms?
  • Is nutrient deficiency causing your headaches, and fatigue? | What vitamins, minerals, and nutrients are essential to restore hormone balance and will this really "fix" headaches and fatigue?
  • Is it infertility, ovarian failure, perimenopause, adrenal fatigue, or low thyroid? | a fresh look at infertility, painful periods, hot flashes, sleepless nights, & irregular cycles
  • What causes estrogen dominance? | When to suspect estrogen dominance and how to correct it
  • What's the best way to exercise to support hormone balance for women? | A look at HIIT, yoga, Pilates, cardio, and weight lifting on your hormones

In addition to these sessions above, here's what's also included...

  • There’s time for Q&A and takeaways during each session so you’ll be able to ask questions real time and leave feeling clear and confident after each session
  • You’ll get access to the recordings in case you’re not able to make it live or want to go back and review
  • For the visual learner (like me) who's far happier printing out the slides and sitting down with a pen to take notes, you’ll get a downloadable workbook for each session that includes the slides
  • Some pretty stellar bonuses including two add on sessions where we deep dive into these two topics people want to know more about...


Bonus 1: What should your lab values be? (a $250 value)

For me, I walked around for years with clear markers on my lab results pointing to anemia (and not the iron deficient kind). I’d asked my doctor about it (& she told me not to worry).

I really wish I’d known then that I was struggling with anemia. I sometimes wonder, "Would I have experienced all the health problems I’ve struggled with if we’d addressed this sooner? or did this lack of knowing and taking action impact my future health?"

While I'll never have those answers for myself, I am able to save you the same questions. Bring your lab panels to this session and let's talk about key markers revealing valuable insights about your health available to you right in your basic lab work.


Bonus 2: How to support your cycle (a $150 value)

Whether this is managing:

  • Heavy flows
  • No flows
  • PMS cranked up to 20!
  • Short cycles 
  • Even PCOS

This session reveals how to make every single menstrual cycle you have after this session easier (and leave you on a mission to find a time machine to go back and tell your 20 year old self about 🙂).

Bonus 3: One-on-one support

In case you're worried about information overload (and not comfortable asking questions in front of an audience), you'll get a bonus one-on-one session with me, where we're able to talk through your questions without an audience.

Brandy Searcy founder Better than Fine sitting outside in a sweater

Want all this for $360?

I'm in!

Ready to reclaim your health?

Are you ready to invest $360 and equip yourself with the clarity you need to thrive?

If you’re thinking “this sounds nice, maybe I’ll come back to it after…” do you really want to wait until you're in the throes of PMS again? Do you really want to wait another season to get a better night's sleep?

Do you really want to keep dealing with a tanked appetite? Adult acne? Exercise intolerance? Feeling like crap when you overdid it just a little bit?

Do you really want to keep guessing at what's going on with your health and giving your power away to a clueless practitioner?

Here’s what life could be like for you in just 6 weeks:

✅Having enough energy to get through the day... and enjoy it!

✅Deal with fewer migraines

✅Be able to do an afternoon of yard work without paying for it the next day

✅Break free of chronic UTI symptoms

✅Fall asleep when your head hits the pillow instead of lying next to your partner wondering when the tides turned

✅Sleep through the night without waking up

✅Bleed easy... yes, a regular pain free cycle with a normal amount of bleeding is not only totally possible, it's a sign of good health!

✅Fit into your clothes better without the bloat

✅Rediscover your appetite... for food and for life!

This is what I've been looking for!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When do we get started?

We start on Monday, April 8th and meet every Monday and Friday until May 13th. That’s a total of 6 weeks (12 sessions).

What’s the call schedule?

All the calls are on Mondays and Fridays at 9 am Pacific Time (that’s 11 am Central / noon Eastern)

Our kick-off call is Monday, April 8th at 9 am Pacific. 

And, here’s the full schedule:

  • Week 1: Monday, April 8th and Friday, April 12th
  • Week 2: Monday, April 15th and Friday, April 19th
  • Week 3: Monday, April 23rd and Friday, April 26th
  • Week 4: Monday, April 29th and Friday, May 3rd
  • Week 5: Monday, May 6th and Friday, May 10th
  • Week 6: Monday, May 13th and Friday, May 17th

Will I have access to the videos after the calls?

Yes! All the calls are recorded for you to go back and re-visit.

What if I can’t make it live?

No worries! You’ll have access to the calls as they’re recorded and posted. You’re also free to reach out by email with any questions you have (or roadblocks you’re running into) around the content.

What’s the intention of this program?

This program clarifies what’s important and what’s not when it comes to your health and specifically optimal wellness.

It hits on the highlights that helped me break free of a brand new set of symptoms that I battled for a year and a half before making the breakthrough discoveries I share in this program. For 18 months, I struggled with problems I’d never experienced before including:

  • Sleepless nights (trouble falling asleep and waking up between 1 and 3 am)
  • Terrible fatigue… barely able to make it through a day
  • Migraines 
  • Weight gain
  • General inflammation
  • Hot flashes (that spoiler alert had nothing to do with suddenly becoming menopausal (chances are high, if you're a woman in your 40s you may be experiencing this same brush off from your primary doc… or naturopath) and everything to do with an underlying hormone imbalance of my thyroid 🤯)
  • Chronic UTI symptoms… by far the worst of these symptoms listed here

As strange as it sounds, all these symptoms sprang from one origin... hormone imbalance... and that is the focus of this program, to still down what’s necessary to focus on in order to thrive!

  • You’ll get clarity on what’s essential and what’s fluff.
  • What to pay attention to and what to stop chasing.

And, when you have that clarity, you’re able to take back control of your health.

Is there a refund policy?

Because of the nature of this program, there is no refund policy.

Will this help me feel better?

One of my biggest frustrations (and maybe you feel this way too) is not knowing why I feel the way I feel.

As you move through this program, you'll begin to understand the fundamental way your body works. If you've ever heard people refer to root cause medicine, this isn't that. Root cause is too superficial. It's still too easy to get caught up in all the things that don't matter, and this leads to more confusion rather than clarity.

At the end of the day, here's what wellness, true vitality, life that you were meant to live is... a seamless dance between energy and matter. When you don't give your body what it needs to thrive, symptoms show up.

We don't talk a lot about the buzzwords in this space, low DHEA, progesterone and glutathione deficiency and we don't fall down the rabbit hole chasing estrogen dominance (which is merely a symptom of and not the reason why you don't feel well) because at the end of the day, these are all symptoms of the underlying problem rather than the problem itself.

Instead, we focus on three hormones that matter most, the hormones of energy conversion. When those are right, it creates space for all your other hormone levels to sync up and harmonize.

We focus on the nutrients essential for life. When you get enough of these essential nutrients, it supports your body's ability to create its own hormones and to create enough energy to support you in feeling well.

We focus on the fundamental way you are made. The things you need other than food in order to thrive.

And, when you discover these basics, you become empowered to make better choices for your health. You become more capable of reclaiming your authority over your health. You become able to reclaim wellness.

This live program provides a safe container to finally get the answers you've been seeking and uncover your path to wellness.

Oh no! I missed the sign-up window!

Relax! I offer late sign-ups for most of my programs (this one included). That said, the sign up window closes when session 2 starts (that's on Friday April 12th at 9 am Pacific/noon Eastern).

Will you join me?

Doors are closing. Once we kick off Friday's session, there's not another chance to get in on this.

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Complex UTIs (actual urinary tract infections that have spread to the upper urinary tract and/or into the bloodstream) are a medical emergency and require emergency care.

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